Our job is not to mix, knead or fll. Our job is to bring life to an idea, your idea. Creativity finds support in the analytic pragmatism and unique talent in finding and anticipating new market trends.

Visionaries when creating,
relying partners when delivering

The services we offer

+ Bulk Service
After analyzing the Client's needs our laboratory starts searching for the perfect raw materials to develop the bulk, delivered ready for the flling process. This service is available for every formulation we offer.
After the development of the bulk we can help you choose the right primary packaging and fll it with the formula we created. If you choose our fll service we'll deliver your products ready to be packaged in their secondary packaging.
A process that always starts with an idea. We analyze the market and your competitors and collaborate with you in the development of your products. We select top quality raw materials and excipients and mix them with precision and know-how. We look for the best packaging solutions and we help you choose the perfect one. We follow the artwork design and provide you all the legal information about the products. Every project includes a stability and safety test to ensure the best quality and compliance. The result is your fnished product, ready to be launched on the market.